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Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Make Political History. But Not In A Good Way,.

By Glen Bolger -- December 16, 2015
The two Real Clear Politics frontrunners based on the average of the national polls, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have already reached a dubious historical point that no other recent open seat Presidential candidate has done – sky high negatives!

Home Alone

By Lori Weigel -- December 08, 2015
The perennially aired holiday film, Home Alone, features an eight year old whose parents accidentally leave him home from a family Christmas vacation.  The boy manages to go shopping, do laundry and thwart would-be robbers all by himself, with slapstick tricks that delighted my own eight-year old son.   That level…

Swept up in the Presidential Primary Sweepstakes? President Obama still matters.

By Neil Newhouse -- December 03, 2015
Between Donald Trump’s insistence that New Jersey Muslims were celebrating on the rooftops after the 911 tragedy, Ben Carson’s Thanksgiving vacation in Jordan and Hillary Clinton’s post-Thanksgiving announcement (yawn!) of a new $275 million infrastructure proposal, it’s often easy to forget that we still have the incumbent President (Obama) for…


By Robert Blizzard -- December 02, 2015
This week, the well-respected pollsters at Quinnipiac University released the results from a national survey of 672 Republicans they conducted November 23-30, 2015.  This poll found Donald Trump leading the GOP race with 27% of the vote, followed by Marco Rubio (17%), Ted Cruz (16%), Ben Carson (16%), Jeb Bush…

Millennials on Snapchat Are Politically Engaged, Following 2016 Race

By Robert Blizzard -- November 19, 2015
According to a recent survey, Snapchat is a powerful vehicle for political campaigns to engage the elusive audience of 18-34 year old millennials who will help decide the 2016 election. A national poll of 1,517 millennials aged 18-34, conducted online October 15-25, by Global Strategy Group/Public Opinion Strategies, found that millennial Snapchat…

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